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Neat little jekyll trick!

[23 Apr 2014] [tags: jekyll how-to ]

I find that Jekyll’s infinite scriptability makes blogging so much more fun for me. Since I love Jekyll so much, I decided to automate my blog-writing by adding a little script. I gave it an alias (“blog”) to point to my “jekyll-blog.sh” script, and when I run blog from terminal, a new post is automatically generated in the _posts folder. I can optionally add a title by running something like blog "Neat little jekyll trick", too. (note: no punctuation here because my script doesn’t do much string validation.)

Also, a post’s corresponding folders for media (like images) are created. Folder generation is key for having standardized URLs for anything you insert; you should always have an assets folder to hold such things. If I specify a title, a folder with it’s title-slug is appended to the folder generation path.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

If I want to insert a picture: my cousin damien's likes according to facebook

the markdown is ![my cousin damien's likes according to facebook](/assets/media/2014/04/23/neat-little-jekyll-trick/my_picture.png) so those folders have to exist already.

Finally, the script launches my prefered IDE so I can start blogging right away! If you’re a jekyll fan, I hope my little script is of use to you :)