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Hello World.

[16 Apr 2014] [tags: the_latest ]

I’m easily sucked into a void when I love something. It’s both my biggest strength and weakness; I’ve spent so much effort training myself to use tools and establish workflows that play up this affect of mine, while still remaining (somewhat) sufficient. So, thankfully I love to code– I spend about 10 hours in front of TextWrangler every day. That leaves very little time for anything else, though.

As a Knight-Mozilla OpenNews fellow, I’m obligated to share my findings with you all, via blog form. Up until now, I’ve been blowing off the blog portion of my fellowship because

  1. I’m super busy coding all the time.
  2. I’m burned out on writing; grad school did a number on me.
  3. (I actually have been writing a lot: preparing for talks and such.)

But, enter Jekyll.

Jekyll actually makes blogging a bit more fun! Not only can I write my heart out in my favorite IDE, whenever the mood strikes,

from cStringIO import StringIO

def SomeCodeInstead():
	return "ZOMG!"

i_can = StringIO()

print i_can.getvalue()

So, I’m going to be having more fun with this…